A helicopter aiming (triangle) point should be marked at helipads where a pilot needs to navigate a helicopter to a specific spot located in the FATO zone before they reach the TLOF area. The point is marked with an equilateral triangle where the bisector indicates the landing direction.

A triangle point consists of at least 6, omnidirectional, white lamps. Their binding must meet the requirements of ICAO regulations (International Civil Aviation Organization), Annex 14, Volume II. There are also other requirements regarding the lamp bindings. They need to be hermetic IP65 bindings, which means that they are protected from dust and water percolation from all directions. When it comes to triangle point lighting, there needs to be a possibility to install the lamps into the surface. Autonomous battery power is also required. The control aspect is also vital. It should be operated in two ways: with a manual switch and wirelessly, with a 100-meter range.