The Touchdown and Liftoff (TLOF) area is in a shape of square or rectangle and consists of at least four green lights on each side. Such lights should be placed evenly, up to 5 meters away from each other at ground helipads and up to 3 meters at lifted helipads (e.g. at rooftops). The lamps cannot be higher than 25 cm. If they may cause a threat for landing or taking-off helicopters, they should be integrated into the surface.

When it comes to the Final Approach and Takeoff zone lighting, the lights are white of at least 100-candela intensity. This is also the place where you will notice at least four lights marking a zone of a square or rectangular shape. They are put at equal intervals that do not exceed 50 meters. The lamps cannot be higher than 25 centimeters and – just like TLOF lights- if they cause a threat to a helicopter, they need to be integrated into the helipad surface.