A helipad should be equipped with at least one wind direction indicator. Apart from the wind direction, the indicator also provides a pilot with information about the wind speed.

This helipad element is placed outside the security zone, away from the approach path. If a helipad operates at night, the wind direction indicator needs to be lit.

How is a wind direction indicator constructed? At the top of the post, there is a so-called sleeve – a cone-shaped element made of a special material, painted with red-white stripes. This material is a combination of cotton and synthetic materials. Its specific composition is determined by specific regulations. When the wind speed reaches 6 km/h, the sleeve is filled with air and it starts to move. If the wind speed exceeds 28 km/h, the sleeve is fully inflated and makes a cone shape. The cone is illuminated by a light of at least 10-candela intensity. At the top of the post, there is often low-intensity obstruction lighting.